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Our commitment is to help the local economy, small and medium businesses.



AcceptaPay is a service provided by Accepta, part of the company’s electronic transaction processing platform, using all the features and benefits that it provides to its costumers while in compliance with all safety standards in secured information and payment management.


ACCEPTA LLC is part of the new generation of payment processing and solution providers that focuses on creating innovative alternatives for Businesses of all sizes, from SMEs and micro-entrepreneurs to custom Corporate solutions.


ACCEPTA brings the perfect mix of expertise and business acumen to the service of the Business owner: The founders have a combined experience of over 30 years in the payments industry, supporting a team that have been part of the Merchant Services Industry in many on its different divisions, including: acquiring, development, ACH processing, electronic transactions, PIN debit processing and development of IT solutions, both in US and Latin America markets.


Partnered and certified with the Top credit card processors in the USA, we offer solutions for the retail, wholesale, online, restaurant, recurring and mail order/telephone order environments through our own proprietary solutions or other third party solutions.


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